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B-Step Sequencer 2 Pro

9.99 usd

IMPORTANT: You will need external MIDI hardware like a synthesizer or any other USB MIDI device to use B-Step Sequencer for Android!A bunch of features like Scales, Chord based step programming, Sequencer Ratcheting, Shuffle, Drag'n'Drop, MIDI learn and many more makes B-Step to an unique sequencer for improvisation and live use.
You can control up to 4 synthesizers independent via USB MID - also in from the background!A real step sequencer for your Android tablet - your synthesizers will love B-Step.
Please download and evaluate B-Step Sequencer Trial before purchasing!>>
Features:- Revolutionary Sequencer Ratcheting.- Shuffle/Swing.- Monophon and Polyphon playback modes.- Random chords from scales (12 scales included).- 5x6 chords per project.- Clean and simple user interface.- Advanced Drag'n'Drop.- Pattern snapshots.- Pattern auto chaining or define sequences manual.- Runs in background.- Advanced pattern and sequence playback features.- Pattern reverse playback.- Measurements by default 4/4th (possible from 1/16th to much more than 4/4th).- Step probability.- Send Control and Program Changes at each step.- Rubber tool.- Embedded manual shortcuts.- Runs in background.
Controller Features:- Native Novation Launchpad support.- Advanced MIDI learn.- Sends feedback to your MIDI controllers.
Data Handling:- Auto restore of your MIDI connections.- Auto save and load of your last session (project, controllers, settings).- In- and export of your projects, pattern snapshots, MIDI controller maps and chord sets.
Specification:- 16th step resolution (with micro timing up to 1/96th).- 4 tracks (separable in up to 4x4 tracks).- 16 pattern.- Up to 4 independent sequencers in one.- MIDI Clock master (up to 400 BPM) or slave.- 5x MIDI out to control up to 5 hard- or software synthesizers (4x independent).- 1x MIDI in for sync to another master.- MIDI thru.- MIDI clock/sync thru.- 1x In and Out to connect your MIDI controller (feedback supported).- 2x In and Out to connect your Novation Launchpad(s).